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Appling County School District

(PIP) Preschool Intervention Program

What is the Preschool Intervention Program?
Pre-school Special Education is a program established to serve children 3-5 years of age who exhibit Significant Developmental Delay (SDD) in at least one of five developmental areas or who meet eligibility in any of the “categorical” eligibility areas, such as Speech Impaired, Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired, and/or Orthopedically Impaired.  Pre-school Special Education services are provided through all school systems in Georgia and are free of charge to parents.  In Appling County, we believe that early intervention is essential to providing support to children at an early age in order to lessen the impact of entering kindergarten with developmental delays.

The five areas of Significant Developmental Delay (SDD) are:

Personal-Social          Adaptive          Motor          Communication          Cognitive


Services that may be provided include, but are not limited to: comprehensive evaluation services, direct instruction from preschool special education teacher, speech and/or language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, transportation, direct instruction from a teacher for the visually impaired, direct instruction from a teacher for the hearing impaired, audiological services, and referrals to other agencies.
Children should be referred to PIP when they appear to show delays in any one of the five areas listed above. According to the revised Georgia rules/regulations the term Significant Developmental Delay does not apply to children who are experiencing a slight or temporary lag in one or more areas of development, or a delay which is primarily due to environmental, cultural, or economic disadvantage or lack of experience in age appropriate activities. Referrals come from many sources including, but not limited to: Babies Can’t Wait, Parents, Physicians, Daycare Providers, Pre-K Teachers, Head Start, Family, Friends, and Teachers of siblings.
For additional information about the PIP application or for assistance completing the referral, please contact Karen Tharpe, SPED Parent Mentor at (912)367-8600 EXT 166 or by email at
You may download and complete the application at the bottom of this page and return it with copies of the required documentation to:
ACSS PIP Referral Processing Dept.
Attn: Karen Tharpe - Parent Mentor 
Appling County School System
249 Blackshear Highway
Baxley, Georgia 31513
Office: (912)367-8600 EXT 166     


Or click here to request the ACSS PIP Referral Application to be sent to you using DocuSign to your email address for you to complete/sign electronically. 
Needed for PIP Referral Process:
  1. ACSS SPED PIP Referral Packet (completed)
  • ACSS PIP Application
  • ACSS Parent Questionnaire/Social History
  • ACSS Behavioral Checklist
  • ACSS Sensory Checklist
  • ACSS Authorization to Release Information (Signed) for each of the child's Medical Providers
  1. Documentation for PIP Referral
  • Passed Hearing/Vision Screening (preferably GaDPH Form 3300 completed within 6 months of scheduled screening/evaluation)
  • Birth Certificate (copy)
  • Social Security Card (copy)
  • Immunization Record (copy)

This program is available under the ACSS Special Education Program:

Pam Thomas, Special Education Program Director 
Appling County School System
249 Blackshear Highway
Baxley, Georgia 31513
Office: (912)367-8600 EXT162