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The Appling County School System (ACSS) is committed to providing safe and secure learning environments for all students. The board of education has an ongoing commitment to advance and enhance our safety precautions wherein all students, staff and parents feel safe while on school properties. Our district safety is comprehensive and encompasses all local and governmental agencies which provide support and guidance into this plan. The plan is designed to prevent or minimize the effects of serious violent incidents and emergencies and to facilitate an interagency agreement with the Appling County Sheriff’s Department. We have a contract with the Appling County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) where in all schools have on duty everyday school resource deputies (SRD’s). These security personnel are in place to support the mission of the school system and maintain a lawful presence and environment in all schools. Each school has its own safety plan that is mirrored to the system/district plan with more detailed emergency responses/plan required and necessary for their respective schools and population. The schools are responsible for maintaining their plan and executing all required drills and operations and all reporting that is mandated by the state of Georgia, GMEA and Homeland Security.


School Drill Guide Lines

Based upon the provisions and charge of Code § 25-2-31 of the official Code of Georgia the State Fire Marshal’s Office is charged with the responsibility to carry on a statewide program of fire prevention education in the schools of this state and to establish fire drills therein.


International Fire Code under § 404.2 to require an approved Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan, shall be prepared and maintained for educational occupancies and buildings. Fire evacuation drills must be conducted monthly with all occupants participating. Reporting of all drills must be submitted electronically to the Office of the Safety Fire Commissioner.

As stated in the 2012 International Fire Code, § 408.3.1, First emergency evacuation drill of each school year shall/must be conducted within ten (10) days of the beginning of classes (or school starting).

Additionally, as stated in the Life Safety Code 101 Handbook, § (3), Emergency egress and relocation drills shall/must be conducted as follows:

One additional emergency egress and relocation drill, other than for educational occupancies that are open on a year-round basis, shall/must be required within the first 30 days of operation.

In summary, two (2) fire drills must be conducted and reported online within the first 30 days of school opening, with the first fire drill due within the first ten (10) days of the start of school. After the first two, the fire drills are conducted and reported online once monthly.

Additionally, In September “all schools are permitted to substitute the required Fire Drill for the month of September to conduct the mandatory “Intruder Alert” Drill. This drill will need to be documented on GMEA and Homeland Security’s website and also on Office of the Commissioner of Insurance and Safety Fire’s reports tool.”


However, during the months of November and February, the Georgia State Fire Marshal’s Office requires a severe weather is conducted and reported online, instead of a fire drill. If your school must conduct a fire drill during the months of November and February, the severe weather drill is the only drill to be placed online.

The development of the District Safety Plan is pursuant to Georgia H.B. 763 § 20-2-1185. The District Safety Team directed by the Safety Director and Student Services Coordinator makes recommendations regarding the development, maintenance, update, and implementation of the district safety plan. It has been approved by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and is updated annually.


Each school in the district has a safety team comprised of stakeholders and personnel from across the school and the schools resource deputy.


The school’s safety plans are directly linked to the district safety plan. The District Safety Plan provides a framework for the school safety plans. The purpose of a uniform plan is to ensure a district-wide continuity for emergency responses. These general emergency responses will provide one consistent response system that will be used by all school employees, students, parents, local and state law enforcement and emergency responders. This is advantageous as students move from elementary, middle and high school and as substitute employees provide support among our schools.


ACCS has established procedures for potential sites that are utilized during evacuations and potential hazards. These procedures are developed in coordination with local Emergency Management, law enforcement, fire department and other governmental municipalities.

Mr. David Williams
Safety Director
Parent and Family Engagement
Appling County Board of Education
249 Blackshear Highway
Baxley, Georgia 31513

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