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    Message from Altamaha Elementary: 


    Parents and families, thank you for a wonderful first week of school. We are off to a great start! The staff and I greatly appreciate your support in helping our school have a successful week.


    Afternoon pickup should get better next week with the after-school program starting. For safety purposes, I need your assistance. If you are in a pickup lane, please do not leave your vehicle. Teachers will bring your child to you. Also, please do not park by the fire station and walk across. Thank you for being so helpful with these safety concerns. 


    With much gratitude and appreciation, 

    Principal Rhonda Hollis

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Lunch Schedule

Grade Teacher Time
PIP S. Courson 11:00-11:30
PreK J. Creamer 11:40-12:10
PreK H. Simmons 11:35-12:05
K D. Britt 11:10-11:40
K A. Coleman 11:08-11:38
K S. Spainhoward 11:05-11:35
1 D. Olvera 12:10-12:40
1 D. Smith 12:12-12:42
1 D. Squires 12:15-12:45
2 C. Carter 10:50-11:20
2 H. Clegg 10:48-11:18
2 A. Herrington 10:45-11:15
3 H. Woods-Carter 12:27-12:57
3 J. Pittman 12:23-12:53
3 H. Johnson 12:25-12:55
4 D. Milton 12:30-1:00
4 G. Sikes 12:31-1:01
4 H. Story 12:32-1:02
5 K. Carter 10:57-11:27
5 L. Ewaldsen 10:56-11:26  
5 J. Sapp 10:55-11:25