School Clinic

Last Updated: 3/10/2021 7:20 PM


Nurse Rouse




Nurse Rouse at the ACPS Clinic will be available throughout the school day to provide first aid if a student becomes ill or injured while on campus.  If the situation requires immediate attention or medical emergency someone from the clinic will contact the parent/guardian.  Please make sure all contact information is kept up to date throughout the school year.  








Some health conditions require that documentation be kept on file to better care for your child while on campus.  These forms can be accessed here

Guidelines are in place to insure the safety of students at our school when dealing with medications.

**Children are not allowed to personally carry medications or transport them on the school bus. 

  • ALL medications must be taken directly to the clinic by the Parent/Guardian. DO NOT SEND MEDICINE ON THE BUS. 
  • ALL medications must be in the ORIGINAL, LABELED CONTAINER. 
  • The parent/guardian must provide specific instructions along with the medication and any related equipment.
  • Unused medication must be picked up within one week after medication is discontinued or it will be disposed of.  

An authorization to give medication at school form must be on file at the clinic for your student and must be kept current.  The form can be found here