Last Updated: 2/18/2021 5:04 PM



The following health records are required for a new student's registration.  Both records MUST be on a Georgia Form which can be obtained from the Appling County Health Department or your primary care physician. 

  • Georgia Immunization (Form 3231)
  • Dental, Vision, and Hearing Certification (Form 3300)

Immunization forms must be requested by the parent/guardian and are not sent to the school automatically by the health department.  All immunizations must be updated prior to the start of school. 

Proof of Residency requirement is satisfied by providing at least one utility bill (electric, gas, or water).  The document must show current address along with parent or legal guardian's name.  

If you do not currently own, rent, or lease your place of residence, you will need a current utility bill along with a notarized letter from the person stating you and your child are currently residing at their residence. 

A birth certificate should be presented to provide proof of age. 

Schools are required by state law to ask for a student's social security number at the time of enrollment.