About Us

School Vision:


Appling County Middle School will be a school of excellence for all learners.


School Mission:


We are committed to providing a quality education that promotes maximum individual achievement and social responsibility.


School Belief Statements:


        As a school we believe that:


  • All individuals are valued and will be treated with dignity.

  • Quality education addresses individual needs and increases student achievement.

  • Effective teachers are the foundation of quality instruction.

  • Effective teachers use differential instruction strategies to address the needs of all learners.

  • High expectations, in an organized environment, are essential for optimal learning.

  • An emotionally and physically safe environment promotes learning.

  • A strong partnership among home, school, and community increases student achievement.

  • Well maintained facilities and equipment and the use of appropriate technology enhance the learning environment.

  • Modeling and teaching character values promote civic responsibility.

  • Extracurricular activities promote school and community involvement and personal development.

  • A continuous process of improving academic achievement is based on research and best practices.  

  • All students have the ability to learn and share responsibility for learning.

  • A variety of assessments will drive instructional decisions.