Title I, Part D- Programs for Neglected and Delinquent Children

Title I, Part D, Prevention and Intervention Programs for Children and Youth Who are Neglected, Delinquent or At-Risk

Program Guidelines:

Ensure that neglected and delinquent children have the opportunity to meet the state’s challenging academic content and student achievement standards.


Carry out high-quality education programs that prepare neglected or delinquent children and youth for secondary school completion, training, employment, or further education.


Provide activities that facilitate the transition of neglected or delinquent children and youth from a correctional program to further education or employment.


Operate programs in local schools for children and youth returning from correctional facilities, and programs that may service at-risk children and youth (ESEA, Section 1421).



Neglected Children and Youth

  • Children and youth in need of care due to abandonment, neglect, or death of their parents or guardians.

Delinquent Children and Youth

  • Children and youth who have been adjudicated to be delinquent or in need of supervision.

At-Risk Children

A school-aged individual who:

  • Is at-risk of academic failure.
  • Has a drug or alcohol problem.
  • Is pregnant or is a parent.
  • Has come into contact with the juvenile justice system in the past.
  • Is at least one year behind the expected grade level for his/her age.
  • Has limited English proficiency.
  • Is a gang member. 
  • Has dropped out of school in the past.
  • Has a high absenteeism rate at school.

For more information contact:  Norma Nunez-Cortes, Title I Director, 912-367-8600 Extension 111.