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AES School Improvement Plan

AES School Improvement Plan

Great Georgia Pollinator Census

Elementary G.A.T.E students in the Appling County School System participated in the Great Georgia Pollinator Census coordinated by the University of Georgia Extension. While collecting data in our school garden, we felt like entomologists observing insects pollinating many flowers. During our study with bees, we learned that you shouldn't use pesticides because it will harm pollinators. Also when designing a garden, including nectar rich flowers and nesting sites will ensure healthy pollinators. Our school would like to extend a special thanks to Tammy and Wayne Lott for the donation through the Monsanto Grant, Pine Forest Garden Club establishing the garden, and last but not least, Mrs.Hollis for helping maintain our school garden. 


Written by: 5th Grade GATE students

Ivy Beckworth, Cierra Stallings, Hudson Lewis, Tate Boatright

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NEW! E-Book Library: OverDrive/SORA

New E-Book library available!


To access the shared collection, download the SORA app from Google Play or the App Store or use it in the browser at .When signing into the collection, select Appling County School District. Students and staff will use their Google credentials to login.

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